Because tile laid on a diagonal has half tiles, or pieces of cut tile along each edge of the installation, a lot more tile is required to complete the job. Can you look at the slab BEFORE you bid? I have hear premixed masons mix from HD. Long day, got to lay all the edge tiles that were previously cut to "finish" the tiling. To lay tile over tile: ... Have a nice day. Reply. Too many unknown variables to make an apples to apples comparison - where & how are you mixing that mud? Your backsplash goes up as fast as you can lay tile – no curing time necessary. bed mortar would you reccommend for this weight of tile? Tile without mesh backing tends to … If your tile is laid out on the diagonal that would add to the cuts and the time to install as well. Ft. each tile. Litigation and Insurance Claims Investigation Services. Walk only on the old tiles. I'd say you're looking at between 75 and 100 sq. The size of each tile will also play a role in the cost, as it can be faster to lay larger tiles which will have an impact on labor. This sunroom is 13'x8'. On another note £80 a day (9 hour day) is about the going rate for a basic labourer! ft. on a good day,half that with cuts.I would consider gettin a $200 mixer at HD.Figure one bag of mud to set two tiles.Gets pretty monotonous.I just pulled 1100 ft. by myself with a mixer and used 6000 lbs. I am actually in California now the number on the B-Card is incorrect as the line below gives the new number. Why is my New Marble Floor Tile Discoloring? 3/4" seems a little thin, unless it is on a slab. Donato is the founder of CTaSC. When you’re working with giant tiles like these, getting (and keeping) everything level is pretty much the biggest challenge. Now I am bidding a job at an hourly rate to make sure I get it. Tile: You may use ceramic, porcelain, glass, or stone. A person with intermediate skills takes about 12 hours and experts, such as our Lewisville professionals at Pro Flooring, take about 10. You are much more qualified than I to say how many block per day you can lay … I've not needed to mudset many slabs, sure its great, but typicaly I do it because of large cracks, gazillions of control joints etc. Installing 12×24 Tile: Focus on Keeping Things Level. 5 Answers. My husband has grouted smaller porcelain tile areas, but I am concerned it's too large of an area to do all at once, even if I'm cleaning the tile while my husband is grouting. I am charging $30/hr I been told before that mud setting would bid for about $8/sq. Larger tiles also require less grout and finishing time. Another popular way to design bathroom tile in a small bathroom is to lay tile at a 45-degree angle, creating the illusion of more space as you enter the room. Does this sound right I know location matters but in general, wow, 30 an hour is ridonculously cheap. yes it is and the joints will be 1/32-1/16. Can you give a bit more info on the installation method, please? Tile the floor in high-traffic rooms in sections, leaving a path to popular destinations such as a doorway, sink or refrigerator for as long as possible. According to experts, it takes a beginner about 16 hours to lay ceramic or stone tiles in an average room. They are much larger than plain tiles so far fewer are needed and they are much faster to lay as a new roof. Hang a Batten Board to Prevent Tile Slippage. If you’re going to grout the spaces between the tile, like we did, use 1/8 inch tile spacers, and lots of them. Cleaned grout lines of mortar. The opposite of a tile pattern, a single slab is a popular choice for contemporary splashbacks. When you take into consideration that most tile used is 18"x18". Anything over 20 is a good speed. I will be doing the same unless someone out there corrects my method. Here's what she sent to me. Yes you can, but it will depend on your level of experience, the size of tile you are going to use, and the type of tile (there are other factors, but these are the major ones). Tips for Tiling a Wall . First, to calculate how many tiles you need to cover a given area you need to know the dimensions of the area as well as the dimensions of a single tile. Tiles can also be laid in different patterns. Whether it's a few extra left over after a project or you specifically ordered more that need to be stored for later use, sometimes you may have ceramic tile that needs storage. I'm gonna agree with you Ben, I don't know. Your email address will not be published. Ceramic Tile Advice Forums - John Bridge Ceramic Tile, How Much tile can a tile setter Mud Set in 1 day no helper. Ft. Every 2 hours and you only had to lay 81 sq ft . The wall tile is 10x16 with 1/16 spacing. I can lay about 25 square metres of random lay rough cut slabs a day. Look at the photo above too. If you can lay 1.5 sq. 1. Vertical tiles can slide before they are firmly set into place. I agree with Ben, by the hour should only be used when there are unknown variables. I had a guy that worked for me for quite a while who with a helper could do that job in 5 to 6 days and it would turn out perfect week after week (even if it was cut up and not a huge floor). How many sqft. ft. on a good day,half that with cuts.I would consider gettin a $200 mixer at HD.Figure one bag of mud to set two tiles.Gets pretty monotonous.I just pulled 1100 ft. by myself with a mixer and used 6000 lbs. In other words, only use the materials (tile included) for that day's work, and work at your own pace. If I recall my mix was 4:1 sand to cement and my bed was about 3/4", Burn the ground with thinset and back butter tile. I hope you are installing over slab! This opportunity is with a property investor. It's still the same weight per sq ft as 4x4, 6x6 or 12x12. ft. a hour 90 sq. This opportunity is with a property investor who has multiple high end jobs and if he is happy I am pretty confident I can get a lot more work from him. If you do it for a cheap price the first time, he's going to expect it cheap the next time too. Mud setting 900sqft of 24x24 Porc. Hopefully it will not back fire on me. Reply. Tools and Materials. How many rows can I safely put up at once without risking them slide or collapse? Isn't he going to ask how many hours it will take you? The open areas he wet about 400 feet per day. View Full Version : How Much tile can a tile setter Mud Set in 1 day no helper, I have only mud set a couple of times and both time it was for family members so I really didn't keep track of how much time it took or how much I did per day. I am a INC. so after ride offs I show a loss and end up getting back all taxes I pay as and employee of my INC. your right. Anyboby have any experience with these other methods? You'd be hard pushed to lay more than a couple of metres of tessellated tiles in a day as they are all very small individual pieces with added complexity of laying to a specific pattern, likewise laying tiles in a pool with curves takes a lot more care and requires countless cut tiles. The blog post walked the reader through the backsplash installation from start to finish.It was installed and grouted within this 4 hour time frame. I know nowadays block per day are much lower than in my day, but given my ruined wrists and bad back, perhaps that is a good thing. While you can store tile regardless of the elements, proper steps in storing the tile will ensure it remains intact over the years. I've set thousands of feet of tile Mud set only about 400 total.These were 18x18 Black Galaxy Granite. I don't know Matt......A lot of guys in Florida would love to do that job for $5 a foot. low spots if I could fiqure out how to stop the sagging of the tile issue. It took one guy working alone a week, including installing and level-grouting cement board underlayment but there were few obstacles. Have a question about Tile, Stone, or a related topic? mario December 10, 2018 at 2:52 am. I am mixing the mud in a wheel barrow Carrying it not very far. That is 6 rows of tiles 16" tall. While it is tempting to try to use one piece of tile for two cuts, this can backfire, leaving you short on the job. "How much can be grouted at once? If the job is generally open and not going in and out of a bath room or closets, yes it can be done in one day. He also laid the full tiles on the front porch which is 2.5 m2 with about half a dozen cut tiles and grouting tomorrow. Are Travertine Tiles Suppose To Be Damp Out Of The box. Sort of like asking how far can you jump...not everyone is destined for the olympics! ! Can the entire floor be done the same day? If you are experienced in this area and know what you are doing, 6 days should be more than enough time to put down a tile floor. Its obviously inside a house so I cant get away with 1-2 " it needs to be about 1/2-3/4" I was thinking I could pull strings and fix min. I think you might be over your head of ots just you mudding and setting tile in a million dollar home. And as you move forward through the room and are putting weight on the tiles you’ve laid, be sure to clean any glue out of the spaces between the tiles, and avoid any sort of twisting motion with your knees or feet. Large format tile is currently defined as any tile with at least one length greater than 15”. It's on Slab Not that far out of level, but it's a million dollar home and needs to be right on. What would be the min. Get a nice flat mudbed and then tile over it. Required fields are marked *. In Atlantic Canada, 24” x 24”, 24” x 48” and 6” x 36” tiles are only three of the many large format tiles available to residential and commercial homeowners and builders. All you need for a floor is portland, sand, and water. The size of the tile doesn't matter, thickness does. tile. Simple, and there's nothin better. Why you need to learn how to install gauged porcelain tile slabs/panels, Natural Stone Unlimited Potential Applications, Free Tile and Stone Installation Guidelines, Curbless shower design: requirements and options. If you only need to come up 1/2" or so why don't you use slc? of sand awhile back.Like Davy says probably easier to pull it and thinset it,much faster too. Custom Granite and marble mix will work fine. Sounds like you don't necessarily need the added height, a medium bed thinset may be the way to go. Not really sure, I just want it to come out like a sheet of glass. You can't jack your price on the second job, you'll never work for him again. If it is not I will use Customs Marble and Granite (unless someone has a better idea) I know $30/hr is not up to contractor rates. Now there are some installers and manufacturers of tile and tile products who will tell you that you have to wait 24 hours before grouting tile. I don't understand why you are bidding it by the hour. This would potentially allow me to use a higher setting base like say 3/4 inch but be able to trowel it instead of mud setting Any ideas? Finally grouted. 3 Average cost for commonly used tile materials; Tile Material Price Per Sq Ft; Ceramic: $1.29 – $4.16: Porcelain: $1.46 – $3.96: Donato Pompo, CTC CMR CSI CDT MBA, is the leading tile and stone forensic expert and consultant in North America, and he is a National Tile Contractors Association Recognized Consultant. If you want to undertake the tiling job yourself, it's a good idea to make a time estimate. I need to give a cap on the hours (not to exceed) I want to be pretty close on the time frame. Just make sure the tiles and grout afterwards are clean, so that the sealer can effectively go over it. To be safe, always order more tile to account for waste. Hopefully we can make your tiling experience a little easier and a little more successful! It will be faster and easier in the long run, especially if you have never done a large floor before. should I be able to lay per hour/per day? For me, it's faster to prefloat the floor and then go in and thinset the tile down. Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox! After the tile is in place, you can immediately begin pressing grout between the tiles with a rubber float. Most of the time I can get by with a floor grinder, and a slu. I am getting back into construction more now that I have my general. bed mortars, or both. All in one day because I … How far do you have to carry tile? I plan on bidding the next projects as long as the owner is happy with my work. Of tile is not a lot of tile. How Much Time Does It Take to Install Laminate Wood Flooring?. height of motar req. ft. Every 2 min that is so in 1 hr that is 30 pieces of 18"x18" tile per hour and that is 45 sq. CBL Floors say that, based on experience, the average time to fit carpeting varies from job to job and depends on the size of the team; however, a team can generally lay approximately 15 yards, or 14 meters, of carpet, including underlay, within one hour. vBulletin® v3.7.4, Copyright ©2000-2020, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. They are laid side by side but connected to each other with a small overlap which prevents water ingress between them. Avoid new tile altogether. if I went and floated the whole floor? I have heard sand and cement, I have heard stucco mix mixed with thinset to stiffen the bed to help with sagging. I am trying to stay on schedule. Your email address will not be published. ANSWER ANSWER - Yes, there is a way to install tile and within one day walk on it. How do I replace my Spa Spillway Surface? I wouldn't want to attempt it without a helper. I'd say you're looking at between 75 and 100 sq. Vertical (wall) tiles are more visible than horizontal (floor) tiles. Tile can be laid over existing tile, as long as the floor is in good condition with no loose or broken tile. :). I actually prefer mud setting if you are in a kitchen, or a chopped up area. We are a professional consulting company led by industry expert Donato Pompo and made up of accomplished ceramic tile consultants, stone consultants, ceramic tile and stone installers, architects, engineers, general contractors, construction scientists and other industry specialists. The live feed blog written the other day focused on a backsplash that was completed in about 4 hours. I usually set with 3/8 would like the added play since I am going in and out of rooms and around fixed objects. This can be done with epoxy primer and semi- or high-gloss paint. I like using Self leveling products, or big trowels and med. Is there a way just to stiffen the setting bed with say a stucco mix or mortar mix to accommondate the weight of the 24x24. 20 x 20 direct to slab super flat 1/8 space. Market Research for Exporting to the U.S. Catalina Ceramic Tile and Stone Reports Special Discount Offer, Kitchen and Bath Cabinets Countertops Reports. I am going to look at the job again today to determine if mud setting is needed. How much are you planning to charge per hour? can i tile on tile in and ond on bathroom walls of existing tiles on walls. It 24 x 24 what med. There are many factors which can effect the speed of tile floor installation, including size, shape, expertise and more. Tile laying rate depends largely upon the size of the tile and the way that they are to be laid. I'm coming up with 150 hours start to finish. you dont want masons mix for a floor - that has lime in it. Problem is we only have 1 bathroom, but 4 adults and a 3 year old. Floor tiles are a fantastically durable and attractive flooring option. For a little more about me you can check my portfolio and But, in all honesty it's been a while, I've been running a surfboard co. after construction slowed and I relocated. For simplicity's sake, let's assume we are going to use 12 inch (30.5 cm) by 12 inch (30.5 cm) tiles and use a traditional grid design, where tiles are simply laid … You can mud the floor about 3/4 but you want to bond it with thinset like I did in that pic. How far out of level and flat is the current floor? WORK ABILITY OF MASON PER DAY (FOR BLOCK MASONRY) Probably around 150 – 200 per day? Next few afternoons I didn't have much time - cut edge tiles in batches. BaysideNana. Laid half of field tiles only, no cuts. A good intermediate step is to put a fresh coat of paint on dated ceramic tiles. My kitchen is about the size of your area (16' x 20') and I had 12" square tile laid down last winter. Thanks Andy. Just wondering how many m2 a day a competant tiler can lay.? do what you need to do, but I'd say it's pretty cheap in my neck of the woods. I have heard a couple of different methods used for the base motar. Again on your scheme not much point having more than 2 brickies, there's a finite limit to how many courses can be laid in a shift without the thing slumping (4 block, think its 6 brick). You need to think about access (scaffold) as well- if they do a metre a day you'll need extra lifts as the days go by, that's down to you to organise. Straight pattern 450x450 floor ceramics cushion edge. The tile dimensions should be provided by the manufacturer, while the area dimensions can be measured using a long measuring tape or known from the building plan. Pay your taxes and now your at $20 an hour. This doesn’t even add in the hours it takes to prepare a subfloor, which takes a pro about 4 hours. Walls, windows, doors, and other reference points can create aesthetic havoc with wall tile. The tile will be going from floor to ceiling, entire bathroom. Both types have a variety of colours and can be either smooth or sand faced. Laid second half of tiles. Don't mud it at all unless you need to. Although typically more of an investment than patterned tile, a slab can be an excellent choice for compact kitchens where not much material is required. /Obviously it all depends on how accurate your base is and the quality of slabs. The total number of tiles you will need will depend on the size and pattern you want. of sand awhile back.Like Davy says probably easier to pull it and thinset it,much faster too. 6th Feb 2012, 03:19 PM #2. I am new to the area and I am trying to get some work. If the room transition to the carpet to tile will be at the same height, simply use a carpet trim in metal or wood to finish off that edge. That way you can pop lines on the mud and tile away. (See attached pic). That is 1.5 sq. How thick is that stuff capable or really going on before it is too much. Do you want free tile and stone installation guides? Is there anyway a floor can be laid and walked on in 1 day? A HUGE Tory rebellion is on the cards tonight when parliament votes on bringing in the new tiered 'stealth lockdown'. What do I do about the Missing Stair Nosing and Short Stair…, How thick should the Mortar Be for a Shower Pan Floor in…. I just moved to this area and having a hard time breaking in.